How Should The U-type Cloakroom Be Chosen As A Simple Furniture Design?

How Should The U-type Cloakroom Be Chosen As A Simple Furniture Design?

The cloakroom is indispensable for the home improvement process. It is a simple bedroom furniture. For every woman, the cloakroom is one of the must-have furniture. However, the width of the u-type cloakroom aisle, the owner must design the size of the u-type cloakroom before designing the cloakroom, to understand.

How Should The U-type Cloakroom Be Chosen As A Simple Furniture Design?

One u-type cloakroom aisle width

1, u-type cloakroom aisle width

The width of the standing passage in the u-type cloakroom should be at least 600mm or more. Considering the situation of turning, high and low, etc., these areas should also be 900mm or more, the width of the dressing space should be 1000mm or more, and the mirroring should be 1200mm or more. The aisle is too narrow to go in and experience the small warehouse, it is difficult to use it.

2, u-type cloakroom aisle height

For the average woman, the u-type cloakroom cabinet height is below 1800-2000mm. It is not necessary to use the low stool. This height is also the boundary between common and non-common items. Even with stools and ladders, it is inconvenient.

Two. u type cloakroom design size

1, regular size

Generally, the u-shaped cloakroom is designed to have a width of not less than 90 cm and a thickness of not less than 50 cm. Consider the actual function of turning and changing clothes. The conventional u-type cloakroom is designed to be more than 4 square meters.

2, the minimum size

The design of the smallest u-type cloakroom is controlled by a length to width ratio of 2.5m*1.5m and a cabinet body of 60-80cm depth.

Reminder: Because the design size of the u-type cloakroom is not fixed, the user can design the cloakroom flexibly according to the size of the cloakroom. The width of a cloakroom wardrobe is 600mm-650mm. Other activities can be designed and used. If the space is large enough, you can stay 1 meter or more, if the space is not enough, 700-800 will do.

How Should The U-type Cloakroom Be Chosen As A Simple Furniture Design?

Three. u type cloakroom overall wardrobe

1.Reasonable division of areas

Before the design of the u-type cloakroom overall wardrobe, it must be divided into areas according to the needs of life, make full use of the partitions and metal pendants, separate the clothes, and create a larger space for the u-type cloakroom overall wardrobe. More comfortable, spacious and private.

2, lighting and color

U-type cloakroom overall wardrobe lighting and color matching should be coordinated, the lighting, color and other elements should be integrated into the overall style of the room, usually simple furniture design, the u-type cloakroom overall wardrobe is set as a natural light source, so that the clothing presents normal color and then Clothing to design lighting.

3, air circulation

Generally, the overall wardrobe of the u-type cloakroom is located in a relatively closed place in the house. When designing and decorating the u-type cloakroom, the circulation of air should be considered to avoid the occurrence of insects and mildew in the wet season. To choose a good material for moisture, mildew and insect proof, to ensure the service life of the cloakroom.