How About The Quality Of Kefan Wardrobe?

How About The Quality Of Kefan Wardrobe?

Kefan wardrobe is a representative of the wardrobe in the hearts of consumers. It is a simple bedroom furniture. It not only strictly demands the quality, but also treats the customers sincerely after the sale. Therefore, the brand’s wardrobe will be favored and liked by everyone. Next, let’s take a look at everyone. What about the Covan wardrobe? And what are the wardrobe selection techniques? I hope that the unique furniture design will help my friends.

How About The Quality Of Kefan Wardrobe?

First, how about Kofan wardrobe?

1.What kind of Kofan wardrobe is one of the top ten brands of Chinese clothing, the brand is committed to creating practical household items. As of the end of March 2010, the number of Kovan cabinets across the country has exceeded 250. Currently, it is growing at a rate of 5-10 stores per month. It is expected that in 2013, the Covan store will be distributed in prefecture-level cities and individual economies. A good county-level city with 600 stores has become a well-known manufacturer of general home customization systems.

2, what is the Kofan wardrobe, the brand of wardrobe operation concept of high quality is truly environmentally friendly, Kefan pays more attention to the production of a wide range of precision, environmental protection, fine management, fine materials, high quality products are not easy to be abandon. Frequent updates are an important factor in energy consumption.

3.What is the design concept of Kefan’s wardrobe? Kefan is a third-party service platform that Covan is fully committed to. It aims to create a new service platform that combines Coventry stores across the country with design and conferences. Shops across the country provide free design services for the whole family, and design products for the whole house, decorative materials and furniture through high-fidelity 3D renderings.

4.What is the principle of Kovan’s wardrobe, which always adheres to the principle of less and more, it is always a simple style, advocating simple and comfortable style, of course, this is also the style that modern people like, so Covan is also A very popular brand.

How About The Quality Of Kefan Wardrobe?

Second, what are the wardrobe selection skills?

1.Odor, usually, when you smell “smell”, you must understand that the smell “smell” is good. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people gradually began to pay attention to “protecting health and the environment.” If the release of formaldehyde is within safe limits, everyone is concerned about it. When buying a wardrobe, open the drawer or closet door and listen carefully. If there is a pungent smell, it is usually too formaldehyde, so be careful.

2.Ask, the simple “problem” problem is the query. Choose simple bedroom furniture, be sure to do your homework when buying a wardrobe. Ask clothing professionals or salespeople about clothing knowledge, compare clothes, and get a comprehensive understanding of clothing from different angles. This will make you feel more at the end of the purchase.

3, cut, “cut” is also a very important part of several links. “Cutting” focuses on understanding some details, such as the rigidity of the garment and the production process. From the side belts to the hardware accessories are marked with quality cabinets. At the same time, you can try to open the door and open the drawer to see if the rail is flexible. The quality of the track is sliding the door. Lighter and softer. Then you have to pay attention to some details of the work.

What about Kefan wardrobes and what are the wardrobe selection techniques? These are the simple bedroom furniture in the above articles. I hope that they will help you well and will make you more like the brand wardrobe.

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